Cannabidiol (CBD) does not negatively affect memory. On the contrary, it is believed to stimulate neurogenesis, decrease the cognitive damage brought by trauma, age, and disorders such as PTSD.

Research on the effect of cannabis on memory substantiates claims that prolonged use of THC can actually affect memories, yet the use of CBD can inhibit impairment of the memory and protect several facets of memory function. A study suggests that at a CBD-THC ratio of 2:1, CBD is unable to offset the memory-impairing and mind-altering effects of THC among heavy users of marijuana.

New studies have provided evidence that CBD can exert some sort of direct influence on the ability of mammals to elaborate and remember. An experiment published in the Study of Addiction involving mice revealed that CBD is able to offset the rewarding effects of addictive substances by abating contextual memories and thereby minimizing desire for psychoactive drugs.

As for humans, however, results are quite complex. Research investigating the effects of CBD on memory and impulsivity during cigarette abstinence among dependent smokers revealed that the compound isn’t effective in reversing the cognitive impairments related to abstaining from nicotine. Other studies, however, found that the compound can somehow aid in reducing addiction to cocaine, opioids, tobacco, cannabis rich in THC and other stimulants. This is important as addiction is associated with memories, particularly pleasant memories.

Yet, the compound is likewise found to affect unpleasant memories. Many pre-clinical and clinical studies indicate that CBD can help relieve anxiety and symptoms linked with memory disorders including PSTD and emotional stress. It can also facilitate the elimination of fearful or traumatic memories.

With regards to memory loss, the number of scientific evidence pointing to the ability of CBD to improve memory and helping the brain is growing. The compound was discovered to boost neurogenesis, and thereby minimize cognitive damages brought by, trauma, disease, and age. This particular potential could aid individuals suffering from degenerative memory disorders.

CBD and memory enhancement

Examining CBD;s effects on memory is not a simple undertaking. Although there are claims that the compound can even enhance overall cognition, evidence to prove the memory-enhancement potential of CBD in a healthy brain is little or lacking.

In this regard, it remains crucial that we start to recognize that cannabis is not the sole drug causing memory impairment as it was tagged in the past.  As a matter of fact, the plant has many compounds which have crucial therapeutic benefits for the brain.

Sadly, THC-induced acute impairments on working and verbal memory hold true, but it remains uncertain whether these impairments continue to persist in the long run. The heavy use of THC in a regular basis could affect memory somehow, yet current techniques on advanced neuroimaging suggest that heavy use of cannabis not only disrupt neutral connections but could in fact ‘reconfigure’ neural connections. Does this benefit us? We do not know yet, but hopefully, Science would tell us soon.